Consistent, Personable, Experienced

Affinity Technology has been a consistent one stop shop for all our IT needs. From security to glitch resolution to expanding our platforms. They have always been there for the challenges we face. I think the personal interest the owner takes in seeing any of our issues resolved is their greatest asset over other IT firms. Choose Affinity if you want an IT firm that you can trust, that will keep your info secure, that will aide you in transitions to grow your business, that is always looking to work toward resolutions to improve and lesson your work load, and has the knowledge and expertise to get it all done.

Tim Scott Owner
Scotty’s HVAC

Quick, Proactive, Knowledgeable

When we have a problem, Affinity Technology help us take care of it quickly! I like that Affinity is proactive with their cyber security, and they advise us where we are vulnerable. You cannot go wrong with Affinity Technology.  They are very helpful, knowledgeable and are just good people.

Andrea Schmid Vice President of Operations
Cornerstone H2O

Personal Service, Peace of Mind, and Value

The single biggest benefit has been the peace of mind that has come with knowing we receive personal attention from the Affinity Team.  Rather than a huge, anonymous service where we never talk (if that’s even possible) to the same person twice, you guys provide customized and personalized service that makes me feel comfortable picking up the phone to report a problem and know it will be handled right then. I would strongly recommend Affinity Technology based on both their ability to solve any problem that may arise, and their prompt personal service involved in doing so. In my opinion, that combination cannot be beat.

Bob Berschinski Owner
Hometown Magazine

Knowledgeable, Accessible, Experts

Affinity Technology always does a great job maintaining and updating our network, hardware, and OS requirements. The Affinity Team is knowledgeable and directly accessible when support is needed. Affinity is an Atlanta based team (not offshore) of experts who can get you back up and running quickly.

Duncan Harding General Manager & VP
Capital Equipment Technology & Business Services

Service, Fast, Reliable

I would say the best benefit to using Affinity Technology is you answer your phone and I can get service right away if there is problem, and I love the monthly Maintenance and the service is great.  When I was looking into a new EMR system, Affinity helped me make that decision. They KNEW what my needs were. Call Affinity Technology their service is great, and they are reliable.

Dr. Linda Katz Fayette Chiropractor

Personal, Friendly, Local

The Affinity Team gets us rapid resolution of information technology challenges due to their intimate knowledge of our environment. They resolve technology issues in minutes rather than hours due to their personal and remote availability. Go with Affinity, their local presence and friendly approach is a welcomed solution when compared to the 'usual' IT support shops.

Fred Gisler Owner
Peachtree City Golf Cars

Affinity and their team are always so fast to respond to our needs. Long are the days past of calling and leaving messages and waiting for days to get a response. The way they detail all their invoices with the original problem and the solution used to resolve, keeps us in the loop and we never have to question charges.

Shirley P. Shirley P. OutPatient Imaging

These guys are the best! Hands down, would consider Affinity to be an integral part of our business. Without their knowledge and expertise, our team would not be able to operate as one. They were able to bring two offices across the country into one virtual environment. Goodbye days of long boring conference calls, hello video meetings and organization-wide messaging!

Joe R. Joe R. Fortess Payment Technologies

Affinity saved our entire business last year when our server crashed. They were able to not only rebuild all the data that was lost but also build a new custom server with redundancy and more storage. I cannot thank them enough for their quick thinking and resolve to minimize downtime. Affinity will forever have our business!

Johnny P Johnny P. Law Office of Johnny Phillips